Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Oh how i do love everything vintage!

We have almost come to the end of the wedding season, and by far, Vintage was the most popular theme.
Here is one of our favourite images xxx

Every wondered where your flowers came from?

Earlier in the year, i went on a buying trip to the wetlands of Holland . Holland to a florist, is what Las Vegas is to a gambler, pure pleasure!

If you have never been to Holland before (and I dont mean just Amsterdam) , it really is a beautiful and serene country. The dutch are the friendliest and also heathiest people around - they cycle everywhere! The flower industry is truly thriving, and it is wonderful to see a culture that doesnt rely on supermarkets for its flowers. Florists are considered artists, and flowers and plants are a part of everyday lifestyle and living.
A really important part of our trip was to visit some of the growers that supply to me. Every single flower and plant is treated with TLC so that right from the start of the supply chain, we can provide you with best quality, long lasting flowers.

Many flowers are grown in huge temperature controlled greenhouses, every flower is given exactly the amount of water it needs, whenever it needs it. To be environmentally friendly any waste water is recycled, filtered and used again.

The flowers are all handpicked and hand packaged ( yes really!)
Here are a few pictures to show you, enjoy!
Phalenopsis Orchids, every plant has its individual watering system, and is supported from the pullies above.
Every orchid, cut and packaged by hand, in its own individual testtube to make sure it doesnt get thirsty !

A greenhouse full of gerberas, all grown in colour sections

They are picked and then placed onto an overhead system delivering them into the sorting area, ready to be quality checked, placed into boxes and loaded up ready to deliver to florists all over the world...