Thursday, 19 January 2012

Pretty Muscari

Muscari or grape hyacinths as they are sometimes known are a lovely spring flower, and perfect for adding a dash of colour into your wedding.
Love this bouquet from one of last years spring weddings, fresh, elegant and very pretty..

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Flower Corsages

Corsages, the ladies version of a buttonhole. So whats the difference?

A mans buttonhole tends to be smaller, fewer flowers, and is worn upright on the lapel, a corsage however is usually larger, more of a cluster of flowers , and can be worn on the lapel , wrist, handbag or even hat. If worn as a spray corsage on the lapel, the corsage is usually worn with the flowers facing downwards. Just like mens buttonholes, a corsage can be simple, more intricate, contemporary, traditional, small, large, and if worn as a wrist corsage, even more choices - such as will it be secured on a bracelet, ribbon, lace - decisions, decisions....and thats even before we start on colour and flower choice!

Traditionally, the mother of the bride and groom wear a corsage, but obviously nowdays, bridemaids use them sometimes instead of a bridesmaid bouquet ( i opted for this, for my wedding 6 years ago), and some brides extend further to grandparents, female ushers , friends, etc insuring all the bridal party attendants are a part of the wedding flowers preparations.

Here are a few of our corsages to give you ideas and to help keep the ladies happy.

Monday, 9 January 2012


So much focus is around the bride on the planning of the wedding, that sometimes the other half of the soon to be newlyweds are forgotten in the finer details. The grooms buttonhole is equally as important as the brides bouquet and the rest of the wedding flowers ( some men might take abit of convincing here), as just like the brides flowers, the gents buttonhole will be shown on their photos forever.

Just like every other aspect of the wedding, buttonholes can be individual. They can be a classic and simple individual flowers, more rustic and a cluster of flowers, small, large, scented, get the picture. So here are a few of our different designs to help you help your groom choose whats right for him.

Later in the week, we will be looking at different options for corsages ......

Friday, 6 January 2012

Funeral Flowers

I've wanted to do a blog post on funeral flowers for some time, however it is always a tricky subject.
I always feel very priviledged when a family requests that we provide the flowers for their loved one because it is their final & most personal gesture and one that we feel a real responsibility to get right. Just as with happy occasions like weddings, we take alot of pride into making the flowers as fitting and personal as possible, for instance using the persons favourite flowers, or colour scheme or tailoring the 'look' of the design to suit eg if they enjoyed gardening, we might create a more natural, fluid arrangement, using cottage garden flowers, herbs and foliage , or for sadly a younger person a more contemporary design.
I have picked out a small selection of our funeral flowers, to show just how beautiful and fitting, even on sad occasion that flowers can be.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, Happy New Year, did you all had a lovely christmas?
I cant believe how quickly the last year has gone but am really looking forward to 2012.
2011 was a really big year for us, as we moved from our shop premises of 5 years to a lovely new shop which can only be described as my dream shop, a self indulgent girlie den, (but hey why not - i spend most of my time here so why not make it perfect) . It makes coming to work everyday pure heaven!
We also provided flowers for an amazing photoshoot which was a featured article in the national wedding press.
We held 3 workshops at christmas time ( of which i will blog some pictures soon!), which was a first for us , and was really enjoyable. We are hoping to plan more in for this year.
And finally 2011 was a really and i mean REALLY busy year for weddings for us. We were honored to provide flowers for lots & lots of newlywed couples over the last year, which took us far and wide, working right through the night on more than one occasion and included my brothers wedding ( i havent blogged this one, as he prefers to remain anonymous on the wonderful web -men !), and two of my lovely friends , whose pics can be seen here and here . 2012 holds another family wedding ahead as my little sister in law has just announced her engagement which we are very excited about.
And on that note, before we make a start on 2012 , I just wanted to show you our last wedding of
2011, and oh my what a lovely one it was...

.....Held at the very lovely Stapleford Park , a venue often frequented by the rich and famous, the quintessential english surroundings were perfect for a December winter wedding. The colourscheme was white and silver, and included lots of roses - the brides favourite and amaryllis ( the ultimate festive flower).
Hope you like ! ...

We would like to thank all of our customers for helping us make 2011 a great year for us and we cant wait to see what 2012 has in store!