Thursday, 12 January 2012

Flower Corsages

Corsages, the ladies version of a buttonhole. So whats the difference?

A mans buttonhole tends to be smaller, fewer flowers, and is worn upright on the lapel, a corsage however is usually larger, more of a cluster of flowers , and can be worn on the lapel , wrist, handbag or even hat. If worn as a spray corsage on the lapel, the corsage is usually worn with the flowers facing downwards. Just like mens buttonholes, a corsage can be simple, more intricate, contemporary, traditional, small, large, and if worn as a wrist corsage, even more choices - such as will it be secured on a bracelet, ribbon, lace - decisions, decisions....and thats even before we start on colour and flower choice!

Traditionally, the mother of the bride and groom wear a corsage, but obviously nowdays, bridemaids use them sometimes instead of a bridesmaid bouquet ( i opted for this, for my wedding 6 years ago), and some brides extend further to grandparents, female ushers , friends, etc insuring all the bridal party attendants are a part of the wedding flowers preparations.

Here are a few of our corsages to give you ideas and to help keep the ladies happy.

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