Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Flowers

So what did you all think of the Royal Wedding? Wow ! is all I can say, everything was absolutely perfect. Kates gorgeous wedding dress was stunning ( lace is always a winner in my book), Pippa looked the beautiful bridesmaid, and of course our eyes were on the flowers, which again were just breathtaking.
Whites, creams and greens is a popular colourscheme for many brides, and as we look back over the british royal weddings of this century it seems it is the firm favourite with our future Queens, princesses and duchesses!

Lets have a look in more detail shall we.....

Kate Middleton to Prince William 29th April 2011

A stunning small wired bouquet of lily of the valley, hyacinth pips and sweet william ( a lovely touch of including a flower with Williams name)
The scent of this bouquet would of been beautiful, as each one of Kate's chosen flowers are scented, and of course it contains the lucky sprig of myrtle included in all royal wedding bouquets.

Autumn Kelly to Peter Phillips May 2008

Another beauty, many brides aren't a fan of trailing bouquets but i personally love them!

If they are kept really loose and flowing like this, and not stiff / formal they look soft and romantic. In this bouquet - roses, lily of the valley and stephanotis, with a lily of the valley buttonhole for the groom.

Camilla Parker Bowles to Prince Charles April 2005
A lovely little wired posie for Camilla, containing pretty primroses and lily of the valley

Sophie Rhys Jones to Prince Edward June 1999

A trailing bouquet of white cala lilies and white roses with lots of seasonal foliages . Cala lilies are again a very popular choice still with brides.

Sarah Ferguson to Prince Andrew July 1986
Another trailing bouquet but this time without any foliage and quite small for a trailing bouquet of its time . Lilies, roses and gardenias in this one

Lady Diana Spencer to Prince Charles July 1981
I dont think anyone will forget this bouquet, just like everything in the 80's it followed the trend more is more. But with a dress that huge, this bouquet needed to be big! Every single flower , foliage and leaf was individually wired, which would of taken hours to make. The florist would definately had a sleepless night the night before. Roses and stephanotis were the main flowers for Diana's bouquet.

Princess Anne to Mark Phillips November 1973
A simple trailing bouquet of white roses and lily of the valley, very little foliage. Simple and elegant, key to Princess Annes style.

HRH Queen Elizabeth to Prince Phillip November 1947

I have been trawling through archives to try to find out the types of flowers our Queen had in her bouquet. Its very difficult to see from these older photographs, I have read that it was white phalenopsis orchids but this doesnt seem to fit with our english theme. What do you think?

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon ( Queen Mother) to Duke of York January 1923

Very difficult to see the flowers in this bouquet but I thought i would post this picture anyway as it is so interesting to see how trends and fashions change, start of the flapper era?...

Thankyou for reading , hope you enjoyed the royal wedding as much as i did !