Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Pretty Whites and Greens ( part 2 )

A few weeks ago, i posted some images under the blogpost Pretty Whites and Greens . I was so delighted when the bride sent me some of the professional images to have a look at . It is always so lovely to see the whole 'look ' come together  ( unfortunately we rarely get to see our brides in their wedding dresses ) .  How beautiful does our bride Clare look with her wedding bouquet and floral aliceband ? ( if you are reading this Clare you should definitely go into modelling ) , and the bridesmaids look so pretty too . 
We provided lots of loose stems to be dressed in small bottles, and other containers and i think the whole theme worked perfectly , in the rural setting of Clares granddads back garden . Perfect i think, don't you ? xx
Thankyou Clare for the images . Photography by Joe Stenson photography 

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