Monday, 20 July 2015

Summery Sweetpeas

Well, its been a long time since we wrote a blog post . Each week flies by so quickly , and the opportunity to sit at a laptop to sort through our (hundreds) of photos are few and far between .  
However as my camera , phone and iPad are all almost full to the brim , its time i started freeing up some space and posting some of our pictures . 
I'm starting off with these lovely wedding bouquets we made a couple of weeks ago . Sweetpeas definately have to be one of my favourite summer flowers, so it was really lovely to use them in a summery seasonal mix .  Combined with freesia, mint, lavender, their scent was heavenly ! 
For the tables , we provided simple vases of similar combinations . ( Apologies for the quality of the bottom picture, a quick pic taken on my phone just before delivery ! )  
Im glad to say that this wedding was filled with sunshine also, a rarity it would seem on saturdays at the minute . More blog posts to come very soon , i promise ! x 

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